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Platform professional vehicle borne millimeter wave radar provider

The Chuhang Technology self-developed 77GHz millimeter-wave radar consists of theISO26262 ASIL B compliant millimeter-wave radar chip and digital signal processing chip set, the transmit & receive antenna array deployed on the high-performance RF PCB integrated with the millimeter-wave radar chip, the automotive-compatible MCU with powerful processing capability, and the AUTOSAR-based software architecture. As a result, the radar helps better meet the customer needs for customized code integration.

Automotive-compatible products

Vital Sign Detection Radar

The Chuhang Technology “automotive-compatible platform” developed 60GHz vital sign detection radar covers the whole cabin area with a compact design, and low cost & low power consumption. It has a false alarm rate lower than <1% and missing alarm rate of zero. The radar can realize the rear occupant alert (ROA) for the second row of the back seat, vital sign detection for the third row of the back seat, and DMS for driver’s breathing & heart rate monitoring.

Performance Parameters

Operating frequency
60 GHz to 64 GHz
Data cycle
1 s
Initialization time
3 s
Detection range
≤5 m
Detection angle
-60° to +60°(horizontal) -60° to +60°(vertical)
Antenna channels
Operating voltage
9V to 36V
Power consumption
<6 W
Static current
<100 uA
Operating temperature
-40℃ to 85℃

Core advantages

Compact design

Full coverage of the cabin

Vital sign detection

Low cost and low power consumption

Fall alarm rate<0.5% and missing alarm rate of zero

Application scenarios


Rear Occupant Alert (ROA) The millimeter-wave radar installed on the roof senses the whole cabin. It detects and classifies target objects and monitors the number of people in the cabin through vital sign detection.

Child Presence Detection (CPD) The system detects children or pets in the cabin and outputs the warning information to the driver to prevent children or pets from being left in the cabin.

Seat Occupant Detection (SOD) The system detects which seats are occupied and sends the occupant information to the vehicle as the basis of secondary development of other functions.


Driver Monitoring System (DMS) The system monitors the breathing and heat rates of the driver and triggers alarms for driver’s vital sign anomaly.

Air bag improvement The millimeter-wave radar imaging evaluates the size of a target, and identifies the target as an adult or a child to optimize the air bag configuration.

Product scene demonstration video