Chuhang College

Chuhang College is our "corporate university", which establishes a solid and competitive talent training and development system for Chuhang through internal talent training and capability development. We not only focus on the professional and general competence, but also value the comprehensive ability, including public speaking, business negotiation, leadership, industry forecasting, and market analysis. By establishing a professional learning & exchange platform and introducing the internal & external senior experts or training resources, Chuhang College offers a wide range of courses to all employees, to increase their the sense of responsibility, empathy, and industry & social identity, to help them become the “elites” of the era.

The Jingying (Elite) Program

In enable Chuhang's backbone and managers to continue their contribution, we provide top talents with continued learning programs. For Jingying (elite) talents, Chuhang Technology offers a more prospective and professional training program according to their specialty and role via internal & external resources integration. In addition to systematic learning and evaluation, the training also covers teaching and public speaking skills enhancement. The Jingying (elite) talents also have opportunities to represent the company to participate industry forums or competitions.

The Sailing Program

For graduates who just stepped out of the ivory tower, Chuhang Technology has tailored a 12-month professional training program, the Sailing Program, which includes the system of knowledge & expertise, work ethic, project case studies, etc. We assign a mentor for each mentee, to help the mentees develop good working habit and attitude in the first year of their career and familiarize themselves with their work. The mentor not only provide real-time guidance to the mentee, but also work together with the mentee to complete a variety of project tasks, thus to achieve the optimal training effectiveness.

The Integration Program

For newcomers in Chuhang Technology, whether you are a green hand or an expert, we hold an open-minded and inclusive attitude and you are welcome to join Chuhang Technology. We have developed a comprehensive integration program for newcomers. The integration program includes orientations and systematic training programs that allow you to integrate into the culture and work environment of Chuhang. In addition, Chuhang provides a platform for employees to demonstrate their potential, offers promotion opportunities for both the management track and the technical expert track.