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Platform professional vehicle borne millimeter wave radar provider

The millimeter wave radar has wide applications in Cooperative Vehicle Infrastructure System (CVIS) and Smart City, with its sensing device and service being sharply speeding up development of intelligent applications.

Customer-compatible products

Terrain following and Obstacle Avoidance Radar for Drones

This is the platform product for customer-compatible 24 GHz corner radar IRM1. The Pilot project is to use the powerline patrolling drone as an obstacle avoidance radar to avoid obstacles such as branches, telegraph poles, overhead cables, barbed wires, pedestrians to ensure the safe flight of the drone.

Application field

Application fields

Crop protection drones

The terrain following and obstacle avoidance radar can be installed on the crop protection drones for fertilizer spreading operation. The radar can detect the height of tree leaves, forecast the terrain height, collect and output the obstacle data to flight control.

In-cabin vital sign detection

The radar helps to send warnings if any vital signs from adults, infants, children, and pets left on the back seats (seats except the driver seat and front passenger seat) are detected when the car engine is switched off and locked.

Indoor vital sign detection

The radar helps to detect the heart rates and breathing of living lives in an enclosed area, and to send warnings if elderly fall or abnormal heart beats are detected. It’s designed for private places like hotels and houses.


parking posts, kick-activated liftgate, and the like.

Traffic Monitoring Radar

The millimeter wave radar has good penetration and is not redistricted by weather conditions, surroundings and light. It can help determine the precise flow of vehicles and pedestrians on the road. When installed on street lamps, it can monitor the traffic flow in real-time, provide more accurate traffic light changing data and energy-saving service, and better detect inappropriate behaviors of drivers.

Application field

Application fields

Smart parking

To monitor the flows of vehicles.

Smart streetlights

To monitor the traffic at crossroads or on roads.

Smart streetlights product and schematic diagram

Obstacle Avoidance Radar for Vessels

The millimeter wave radar adopts the frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) to detect the velocity and distance of multiple targets. The allround installation can realize the perception of the surroundings such as the shore, ship, reef within 200 meters to avoid the risk of collision and grounding. With high carrier frequency, high spatial resolution and strong imaging ability, high system sensitivity, low false alarm rate, the obstacle avoidance radar can realize the automatic docking. With both horizontal and vertical detection, the radar can penetrate haze, rain and snow. Also, it can effectively make carrying capacity measurement and alerting, and make compensations for the height fluctuation in the collision avoidance and automatic berthing applications.

Application field

Application field

Millimeter wave radar based smart berthing system

Indoor Detection and People Counting Radar

The millimeter wave radar based interior lighting control system detects and identifies the moving targets in the room, tracks and counts the people in the room. It can be integrated in the interior lighting system for auto control of switching on and off the lights. The lights automatically switch on when moving objects are detected in the room, and switch off if no moving objects are detected within 30 minutes.

Application field

Application field

office buildings

large factories and warehouses

Vital Sign Detection Radar

The millimeter wave radar is not restricted by the surroundings and lights, which makes it possible to install the radar at private places like hotels and houses to detect the heart rates and breathing of the target. When the radars are connected to a smart home alerting system, once a heart attack or elderly fall is detected, the radar sends an end-to-end alarm to save the life in a timely manner.

Application field

Application field